The Multimedia TrueTour™:  Private Event Sales Rock Star!


Share your facility looking its best
Close more business in less time
Manage content globally from one profile
Empower your sales force

Virtual Reality Ready

Teleport users into your business
Text VR experience to consumers
Use during tours and tradeshows

Your Dashboard

Load photos,  360° photos, videos, reviews, promos and more into your Visiting Media dashboard.  Everything syncs instantly to your TrueTour™ network!

Controls Your TrueTour™

Load your TrueTour™ onto your website, Facebook, and online profiles (  Use it daily with customers.  Saves to phones and tablets!

Everywhere Simultaneously

Deliver current content everywhere from one dashboard, improve ad performance and interact with customers.  Save time and increase sales!

Our Customers Include (click for samples)

Why the Visiting Media TrueTour™?

The Visiting Media TrueTour™ is the world’s first multimedia electronic brochure platform to include all forms of online content, including 360° ‘virtual’ photographs, videos, customer reviews, promotions, your recommended business list and more.  Showcase your business year round, looking its very best, to customers worldwide!  Shorter your sales cycle and broaden your client base by giving customers the content they need.

Your Visiting Media TrueTour™ embeds into any online profile (, website or blog and saves as a web app on nearly all smartphones and tablets.  Using your Visiting Media dashboard and TrueTour™ tool you instantly deliver relevant and compelling content to multiple online locations and devices with a single click saving time and money.

STEP 1:  Build Your Visiting Media Profile (Free for 30 days!)

Click here to explore our membership options.  The TrueTour™ comes in all Professional level packages.  If you’re already basic+plus member and wish to upgrade, click/tap the ‘UPGRADE‘ link at the very top of the page (when logged in).


STEP 2:  Launch Your TrueTour™

When logged in click/tap the ‘MANAGE PROFILES & TOOLS‘ link at the top of the page.  Select the ‘TrueTour™ Control’ tab to get started!


STEP 3:  Use Your TrueTour™ Daily With Customers


STEP 4:  Link Your TrueTour™ to Your Website & Profiles 

NOTE:  We will automatically embed your Visiting Media TrueTour™ on qualifying affiliate websites and will discuss this process with you.





Percentage of website users that prefer TrueTour™ tech over print and loose content
The average increase in site and profile traffic created by properly using the TrueTour™
Percentage of eyeballs focused on the promo message in an TrueTour™ while loading
The average reported decrease in sales time for event venues that properly use the TrueTour™
The increased factor of social virility of a 360° TrueTour™ over other media

Our Mission

At Visiting Media, we are dedicated to developing immersive media tools and innovations that help our customers reach more people, improve marketing return on investment, shorten the sales cycle and grow the bottom line.  We are equally dedicated to connecting the public with the places their products come from and improving their awareness of the world.