The Visiting Media 360°App:  Private Event Sales Rock Star!


Wedding & Event Facilities

Share your facility at it's best worldwide

Improve advertising return on investment

Decrease sales & customer management time

Update your website, Facebook,
& more from one simple dashboard!

Restaurants & Bars

Connect guests to food sources

Promote private dining options

Improve referrals from venues & hotels

Leverage the power of a 360° virtual tour

Hotels & Resorts

Teleport users worldwide into popular rooms

Empower your concierge to easily share local attractions

Share customers with other event venues (book rooms)

Book more private events

Showrooms & Galleries

Users interact with products and services

Connect art to artists

Deliver your exhibit or showroom worldwide

Share your exhibit or showroom with groups offsite

Your Profile

Load photos,  360° photos, videos, customer testimonials, social media, promos and your preferred businesses into your profile!  This content instantly syncs to your App.

Controls Your App

Load your Visiting Media App onto your website, Facebook, and any online profile (  Use it daily with customers. Your App also saves smart phones and tablets!

Everywhere Simultaneously

Deliver current content and promotions everywhere online, improve ad performance and attract new customers.  You update multiple online locations simultaneously!

Our Customers Include (click for samples)

Why the Visiting Media App?

What’s your time worth?  Want to improve the performance of your website, Facebook page and paid profiles?  Don’t have time to make daily updates to profiles like your blog, Facebook, website,, and others?  How do you insure potential customers understand your product and share their experience other decision makers?  Do you offer tours of your event facility when it isn’t set up for an epic event?

The Visiting Media App is the world’s first multimedia electronic brochure platform to include all forms of online content, including 360° ‘virtual’ photographs, videos and customer reviews, promotions, your recommended business list and more.  Motivate faster purchase time and showcase your business year round to customers worldwide looking its best.  Your Visiting Media profile acts as your App’s remote control (dashboard) and everything loaded onto this profile simultaneously syncs to your App.

Your Visiting Media App embeds into any online profile (, website or blog and saves as a web app on nearly all smartphones.  Using the Visiting Media App you instantly deliver current and compelling content to multiple online locations with a single click, improve advertising performance, track multiple sets of analytics side by side, shorten your sales cycle and save customer management time.

STEP 1:  Build Your Professional Profile (Try it free for 60 days!)

Click here to join as a Professional member and launch your Visiting Media profile! If you’re already a member click/tap the ‘UPGRADE‘ link at the very top of the page (when logged in).  We will quickly be in touch to schedule your 360° photography session.


STEP 2:  Launch Your Visiting Media App

When logged in click/tap the ‘MANAGE PROFILES & TOOLS‘ link at the top of the page and then the Visiting Media App tab to get started!


STEP 3:  Use Your Visiting Media App Daily With Customers


STEP 4:  Link Your App to Your Website & Profiles 

NOTE:  We will automatically embed your Visiting Media App on qualifying affiliate websites and will discuss this process with you.


Percentage of website users that prefer e-Brochure tech over print and loose content
The average increase in site and profile traffic created by properly using the Visiting Media App
Percentage of eyeballs focused on the promo message in an Visiting Media App while loading
The average reported decrease in sales time for event venues that properly use our App
The increased factor of social virility of 360° Visiting Media App over other media

Our Mission

At Visiting Media, we are dedicated to developing immersive media tools and innovations that help our customers reach more people, improve marketing return on investment, shorten the sales cycle and grow the bottom line.  We are equally dedicated to connecting the public with the places their products come from and improving their awareness of the world.