Here are A's to Your Q's

What is TrueTour®?

Think of TrueTour® as a vessel or container that can deliver the wide variety of content available today to any website, computer, tablet or phone. We make it easy to deliver diverse content such as 360° photos, 3D Models, virtual reality, video, photos and text to multiple, diverse destinations simultaneously.

How is the TrueTour® different from a mobile website?

TrueTour® is something you deliver, a website is a place you visit.

TrueTour® is updated by Visiting Media daily to keep current with browsers and smart phones

  •      focused for a very specific receiving audience and user base
  •      designed to simply display all forms of content for easy user access
  •      houses modern content like virtual reality, 3D modeling etc.
  •      works as a widget inside other websites, blogs and social pages simultaneously
  •      dashboard controlled
  •      saves as a web app on mobile devices/shared to text and email from one device to another

TrueTour® embeds on any website in the world as a content feature users share TrueTour® via text message, email or social pages seamlessly and easily TrueTour® works like a virtual brochure or media kit a TrueTour® multiplies over time always growing in the number of locations where it lives online

Why can’t I just send them a link to my website?

You can, and the customer then must go to your site and find the specific information that interests them. You can also place a link to your website on Facebook. But your website can’t deliver information to Facebook.

TrueTour® delivers the information the customer wants to the places where they are looking for it.

Where does TrueTour® live?

TrueTour® is based on our servers where your manage it from your dashboard. But it lives on the internet because it can be delivered to so many different locations and devices.

How is the TrueTour® different from a Google virtual tour?

A Google virtual tour is a type of 360° photography content. The TrueTour® is a content delivery tool into which a Google tour can be loaded.

What does integration mean?

Integration means placing your TrueTour® on other websites, delivering your information to the customer where they are looking for it. TrueTour® can be embedded on Facebook, paid listings on marketing sites like or, business association and chambers of commerce. Basically, any site where you have a profile page with space to display more than just basic contact information.

And it’s as easy to embed as a video.

How do I get my TrueTour® on to other websites where I have a profile?

We actually do all of this for you. When you become a Visiting Media member we ask you for a list of online locations and profiles, including your own website, where you would like us to integrate your TrueTour®. We reach out to all of these locations, do the work and help you turn on a TrueTour® network in no time at all.

How do I use my TrueTour® as a digital brochure?

We recommend displaying your TrueTour® on a tablet or phone and using it to show off your business visually and answer customer questions. At any moment you can digitally deliver your TrueTour® by simply clicking the share button and choosing how you wish to transfer it. You may text or TrueTour®, email it or share it to any social page instantly by using the built-in share functionality.

What do you mean by modern media?

Modern media refers to newer forms of content such as 3D Models, 360° Photos and Virtual Reality that provide great benefit to businesses. They go beyond traditional forms of media – text, photos, video – in the unique way they can deliver information. A photo can show a space, a 360° photo viewed through virtual reality can make you feel like you are there. A floor plan diagram can show you the layout of event spaces, a 3D Model can let you experience moving through those spaces.

These modern media require additional technology to deliver and display, making it expensive and difficult for individual businesses to use. With TrueTour® and membership we make it easy and affordable for businesses to take advantage of these new media. And we continue to look ahead at emerging media, such as augmented reality, and make them available to members when they provide benefit.

What is a 360°º Photo?

This is a photo that lets you view a scene from all angles. You can move the photo looking left, right, up, down. It is an excellent way to show off spaces, let customers see production facilities, or see your store before visiting.

To create these high resolution images we stitch together

What is a 3D model/tour?

A 3D Model is a unique way to view a space and its relationship to spaces around it. Hotels and private event venues have multiple rooms, a 3D model lets you see how they are laid out, then let’s you step inside each to view it as if you are standing in it. Clients will appreciate seeing how people will move from the ceremony site to reception or attendees will move from keynote to cocktail party.

It’s also a unique way to show a space that may otherwise be inaccessible to the general public such as production facilities.


The Hotel Vintage Lobby And Event Spaces

Domaine Serene

What is virtual reality (VR)?

Virtual reality is a computer simulated 3-dimensional environment that can be experienced as if you are really there. We deliver this experience via our 360° photos and 3D Models, letting customers experience your space as if there were there. It’s great for trade shows and site tours where you have moments to make a memorable impression. It’s equally great for venues to show their space to clients who can’t visit or want to see the space decorated a variety of ways.

VR is done with inexpensive viewers that you can pick up at a variety of stores.

How does the 360° photography that Visiting Media creates for TrueTour® different than a Google virtual tour or other 360° tours?

  • TrueTour® includes incredibly high definition interactive 360° photography. TrueTour’s® 360° photography can include hotspots, interactive links, video content and any other forms of content displayed directly inside the 360° images.
  • Unlike all other 360° photography TrueTour® 360° platform is dynamic and communicates with the users device ensuring the absolute highest quality viewing experience. Everything the user does inside TrueTour® 360° content is tracked providing deep usage analytics to the TrueTour® member.
  • TrueTour® displays 360° photographs not as a tour but as a photo gallery. This allows users to quickly jump from location to location simply by clicking each 360° photograph’s name. This ensures that users who do not know the space they are exploring can easily find what they are looking for without having to walk around inside a 360° tour.
  • Most 360° virtual tours are only viewable on the owner’s website. 360° photographs inside a TrueTour® can be displayed and viewed on any website, social profile or device.

Why should I pay monthly versus just buying the content out right?

  • Visiting Media’s Pro members don’t actually pay for content rather they are investing in the TrueTour® platform to deliver their content. We provide 360°, VR and other content free of charge.
  • Visiting Media members enjoy free content over time forever. They are investing a small monthly fee in order to enjoy the latest greatest content without ever worrying about large upfront costs.
  • Owning the content means that the content is not dynamic but static. Static content can only live on your website and can’t be updated without being reproduced. TrueTour®‘s dynamic content is always monitored, always updated and can be used through the TrueTour® platform anywhere online. This means more people actually see the content and make buying decisions based on it.

How can I use TrueTour® to save time and simplify how I manage online profiles?

TrueTour® plugs into all of your online profiles and shows up on each profile is a beautiful multimedia feature. Once this is done you can deliver content to all of these profile pages and into your TrueTour® everywhere from your simple content dashboard. Photos, videos, 360° photos… Even banner ads… Load anything into your dashboard and it instantly appears everywhere your TrueTour® exists.

Can I track how users experience my TrueTour®?

Yes, as you share your TrueTour® with others you can then login to see how they are using it. Not only can we track who is using a TrueTour® but we can also track what content they use and how long they are viewing it. This helps you make decisions about what content seems to be the most effective and motivating your customers.

Can I collect contact information through my TrueTour®?

Absolutely this is one of the most powerful parts of using TrueTour®. As you share your TrueTour® with others any contact information entered during the share process is automatically saved for you to access later. As others share your TrueTour® throughout the Internet you also capture all of this contact information. This is a great way to boost your customer marketing database.

Will TrueTour® increase traffic to my website?

Yes and no… If you use your TrueTour® on profile pages you will notice traffic coming from your TrueTour® in these locations to your website. You can even load pages from your website into your TrueTour® and provide direct access from profiles across the Internet to those pages… This will also increase traffic to your website. If you don’t use your TrueTour® however you should not expect it to increase traffic to your website. Hopefully that is a given!

Will TrueTour® improve my search engine optimization?

Yes it can… TrueTour® can include links to your website. As you use TrueTour® throughout the Internet and with your customers you are increasing the number of inbound links pointed out website. Generally this improved search engine.