• A Tin Roof Barn

    I still get goose bumps every time I show TrueTourTM for the first time. It delivers magic and fairy tales.

    A Tin Roof Barn

TrueTourTM makes it easy to create a sense of magic and wonder.

Dramatic increase in tours

TrueTourTM rocked our world overnight. As people explore our facility online they can virtually step onto our property, looking consistently amazing, and understand what we do best. By connecting this deep visual experience to the places people initially find us, we have seen our leads and tours shoot through the roof.  TrueTourTM increases the return we earn on every dollar of advertising expenditure by a lot!

Best tool ever for tours and trade shows

The crazy thing is now we don’t walk out the door without TrueTourTM. Our trade show booth is the talk of the show… We use virtual-reality viewers so people can explore our property as if they were literally there. No more trying to explain what our spaces look like. Now we simply transport people to our facility right there at the trade show. My favorite part is watching the bride’s jaw drop to the floor with amazement! I know we are about to make her most important day become a reality.

Perfect weather every single day

We typically book most of our weddings in the winter months when our outdoor venue simply doesn’t look good, or is covered in snow. I spent years standing under an umbrella describing to couples what the place looks like in the summer, but now I pull out my iPad and take them there. Customers get to fully experience my facility when it is at its very stunning best. Most of my tours book on the spot now, and that hardly ever happened before. Those that don’t book on the spot take TrueTourTM home with them on their smartphone and share it with other decision-makers to get a quick buy-in!

Surprising return on advertising investment

We invest in more than a dozen online profiles with variously generating websites like mywedding.com and weddingwire.com.  TrueTourTM plugs into all of these sites, including our own website and social media pages, and delivers incredibly effective visual content everywhere. We’re reaching so many more people, but haven’t increased our marketing budget, so our ad dollars are so much more productive. Before TrueTourTM we had to log into each website separately and even then we were limited on what we could display. Getting analytics on our profile traffic was also time-consuming and sometimes impossible. Now we log into our TrueTourTM dashboard, make changes, view analytics from all of our profiles including our website in seconds…and move on with our day…

We blow brides-to-be away with our fun factor

TrueTourTM includes 360 photography, virtual-reality, and- my favorite- the dollhouse interactive 3D model. There’s just no way not to smile, laugh, and think this is the coolest thing ever… AND you really get tremendous information, which answers most of the questions one might have. TrueTourTM looks stunning everywhere online, not just on our website.

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