• Portland Art Museum

    TrueTourTM creates an immersive exhibit experience, enhancing both the physical tour of the premises, but also for the distant viewers who get to feel like they are “here.”

    Portland Art Museum

TrueTourTM brings a whole new beautiful perspective to your business:

Engage tourists with a sneak peek

Our museum is so large and vast, and it’s impossible to fully understand all of the art we have inside without actually walking in. We use the TrueTourTM tool to give a very exciting sneak peek showcasing our current exhibits and some more private parts of our museum not accessible to the public.

Empowers local and regional tourism partners

TrueTourTM plugs into the many websites showcasing our museum, including a number of hotel and transportation partners that promote us to their guests. We also work closely with the other Portland area attractions, all of which use TrueTourTM and recommend one another through our ever-growing TrueTourTM network.

Creates immersive archive of previous exhibits

Visiting Media set us up with an ongoing content plan which makes it incredibly simple and affordable to capture 360 and virtual-reality experiences of 100% of our exhibits. Now we have an exhibit archive library going back three years and growing. Using virtual reality, you can explore all these exhibits at one time from anywhere in the world.

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