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    TrueTourTM gives our customers the best possible welcome. They are able to explore and see for themselves that we have everything they might need to enjoy their stay.

    Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

TrueTourTM welcomes our guests in new & better ways:

Cross promotes top rooms, restaurants and more to our guests

As a hotel, we earn revenue from a number of different revenue streams. TrueTourTM visually showcases secondary revenue streams like our restaurants, spa and internal attractions everywhere our hotel is advertised. Our staff uses TrueTourTM to answer customer questions and earn more business from event planners, conventions and tour groups.

Provides travel organizations with decision-making visual content

As a hospitality business, we are deeply involved in promoting local tourism. We pay taxes that go to fund our local destination marketing organization and TrueTourTM gives these groups something incredibly powerful to use when promoting us. We rely on dozens of travel organizations and individual advocates to promote us but can’t always be there to monitor what they say and share on our behalf. TrueTourTM is a digital brochure empowering this broad network of individuals and organizations to promote our hotel using content 100% in our control.

Always offers the most current advance content without having to pay for it

Before TrueTourTM we were constantly trying to figure out what type of content to use when promoting our self and once we found it we always had to spend thousands of dollars in upfront cost to create it. Our partners at Visiting Media act as our in-house content experts providing us incredibly valuable information and insight as new types of sales and marketing content become available. Now we are always ahead of our competition, always the first to offer new and exciting ways to explore our hotel and never have to worry about large upfront costs.  Visiting Media approaches us every year or so with the latest and greatest virtual content formats and offers to reshoot our property for free!

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