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    TrueTourTM brings art to life, telling the story of inspiration, the muse, and the viewer, all-in-one.

    WALLOW Gallery

TrueTourTM brings a personal and refreshing perspective to non-profit causes.

Improve donations and outreach

As a nonprofit art gallery and teaching organization, one of our biggest challenges is reaching donors and earning donations. We use TrueTourTM on dozens of websites and as a digital brochure for gallery visitors; TrueTourTM‘s multimedia capabilities make it possible for us to present a wide variety of relevant content to our visitors including our donation portal. This technology opens up WALLOW Gallery and the WALLOW Foundation to a global audience inspiring people everywhere to get involved and support us.

Anyone can explore WALLOW Gallery!

As a physical art gallery located in a small organ community we are limited as to how many people walk to our front door. TrueTourTM makes it possible to teleport individuals from anywhere on earth into our gallery virtually where they can explore just as if they were here.

Virtual visitors enjoy our current exhibit but can also explore past exhibits. They can interact with the art and use TrueTourTM to explore each artists studio and places of inspiration. TrueTourTM makes the entire experience 100% portable and shareable so the WALLOW experience may be enjoyed anytime through any mobile device.

We use TrueTourTM to teach art!

One of our major initiatives is art education and awareness through technology. We create a TrueTourTM for each of our art classes and use TrueTourTM a digital lesson plan in real time with our students. We teach art in our gallery but also deploy into local schools and throughout our community to bring art education directly to them. We hand-out our TrueTourTM digitally much like we used to handout a packet of printed information.  Our students use our TrueTourTM during our classes but also take it home with them re-engaging the TrueTourTM as they revisit the lesson plan and improve their craft.

We can track this use easily through our TrueTourTM dashboard and even update each TrueTourTM so our students always have relevant and current teaching information.

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