• Portland City Grill

    Our venue is so unique, it really requires you seeing it to understand its distinction. TrueTourTM makes our customers feel like they’ve been here, they feel comfortable and familiar walking in. It translates beautifully, and it’s the only tool I’ve ever seen that can do so.

    Portland City Grill

TrueTourTM brings a whole new ingredient to any dining experience:

Increases walk-in traffic

TrueTourTM visually shows off our restaurant looking its absolute best 24/7. After loading TrueTourTM onto our many lead generating profiles and website we noticed an immediate increase in engagement in all those locations. People often commented how great it was to be able to check out the restaurant so visually before making the decision to stop by.

Replaced other marketing tools

TrueTourTM literally replaced our various stacks of sales and marketing cards/printed literature. Now our menus, floor plans, calendar of events… Even our website all shows up and site are TrueTourTM. We deliver everything using the TrueTourTM share functionality, include the TrueTourTM in our email signature and essentially use it like a digital brochure or business card constantly throughout the day. Now when we change things like our menu we simply update the menu on our TrueTourTM which updates everywhere in the world that menu is accessed.

We're always able to promote current & up-to-date information

Finally! All of our online profiles are current:  we use TrueTourTM on all of our online profiles and lead generating websites. The restaurant industry is so busy that we never found the time to keep these locations current before. They all required separate passwords and have different content requirements. Now we simply load any content we wish into our TrueTourTM dashboard and update all profiles at one time. The best part is, we can now use any form of content we want on all these pages which really makes them work better for us. Even banner ads!

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