• Dosha Salon Spa

    TrueTourTM has completely transformed how we introduce our beautiful spas to potential guests. We would never ever want to live without it.

    Dosha Salon Spa

TrueTourTM reduces stress, lowers anxiety, and is good for your health.

Experience our spas from anywhere

Our customers come from all over the world. TrueTourTM motivates them to choose us over our competition. TrueTourTM is incredibly immersive and makes people feel physically present at our property. The value of this is incredible when you consider how consumers make travel choices. TrueTourTM can go virtually anywhere and brings our property directly to our consumers wherever they are in the world.

TrueTourTM is our online concierge

Visiting Media worked with us to identify top local attractions like waterfalls, parks and art galleries and then visited these locations, capturing 360 photographs, virtual reality experiences, and more.  We placed this into our TrueTourTM as our recommendations for local attractions for our concierge team to give to guests as a resource. This also made it possible for us to show all of the beautiful things to do in our area, in addition to our property, which gave us a fun edge. Guests often say they chose our spa because of the featured attractions directory on our website!

Empowers our sales and support team

All of our spas rely heavily on TrueTourTM to do our visual heavy lifting. TrueTourTM transports our potential customers from anywhere in the world right into our spa on a gorgeous relaxing and peaceful day, looking its very best. TrueTourTM helps to convert inquiries into customers because they actually see our spa set up. We can absolutely credit this tool for a dramatic increase in tours, higher-quality leads and much quicker spa reservations.

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