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    TrueTourTM brings the art to the buyer, creating a much stronger connection between artist, story, experience, and customer.

    Gordon Huether Studios

TrueTourTM creates art and magic moments

Share our installations globally

Our physical art installations span dozens of countries around the globe and are often not accessible to our many fans and potential customers. We’ve been showing photographs and cell phone videos for years to help people understand our capabilities both in creating our work and how we display and present it. Visiting Media actually visits our installations anywhere on the globe and captures a rich media experience showcasing what it would be like to physically stand next to our art.

Excite high-end customers

Immersive visuals showcasing our creations are the best way by far to excite new customers. The TrueTourTM does all of this so well and so simply. As our potential customers explore a TrueTourTM and share with other decision-makers in their lives, we are able to earn a consensus and buy-in earlier than previously possible. The best part is, once our work is produced and installed, we gift a TrueTourTM showcasing the piece to the customer. They love this and use TrueTourTM to show off their investment, which of course promotes us even more.

Showcase our world-class production facility

The only way to fully understand our artwork is to tour our studio and showroom in the Napa Valley. Of course very few people actually make it here to Napa, but thousands explore our operation virtually through TrueTourTM. When on the road we can take people right into our business, show them key steps in the creative process and how we are different from our competition.

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