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    TrueTourTM is the absolute coolest, best way to show off our amazing city.

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TrueTourTM makes navigating new business territories easy and fun

360 & virtual reality media sells us globally!

There is no better way on earth to promote our city than through TrueTourTM. More than ever, people want to see visually before jumping on a plane or selecting a travel destination. TrueTourTM opens up a visitor doorway, attracting millions of people interest in our community. Through TrueTourTM plugged into our website, we truly offer the opportunity for people to understand what our city looks like.

Visiting Media worked with us to identify hundreds of places around our city that we wanted to visually show off. They visited these locations, captured insanely cool content and plugged everything into our website. Not only that, this content is now available for any business in our community to use free of charge to promote Portland. Hotels especially love this!

Destination marketing organizations (DMO’s) everywhere are constantly fighting to get content from their members. TrueTourTM instantly solves that problem by synchronizing member content from their TrueTourTM dashboard directly to our website and their profile pages. Now our website provides incredibly valuable decision-making content to travelers and it takes us no time to populate their profiles.

TrueTourTM brings huge value to our members

Engaging our members and showing the value of our service is a key component of our success. When our members use TrueTourTM on their travelportland.com profile pages they see an immediate improvement in leads from that page and inbound click-throughs to their website. They can also track page traffic from their TrueTourTM dashboard and use their profile on our website to display any form of content they want, including banner ads. Bottom line, TrueTourTM users get a lot more out of Travel Portland!

Turnkey virtual reality solution for our entire community

Portland is the world’s first community to offer a virtual reality content ‘chanel’ to the world. Whether exploring on smart phone or actually placing a virtual reality viewer on your head, tourists can access more VR content showcasing Portland attractions, hotels, restaurants, museums, and more, through our website and any other places.

This gives us something exciting to talk about and drives VR Lovers straight to our site.

Portland's most popular printed tourist map, the Portland Visitor's Map

When groups like Travel Portland partner with us and bring TrueTourTM to the businesses in the community, all boats rise together. An example of this are the folks who produce Portland’s Visitor’s Map. These guys are using the TrueTourTM platform to also offer a virtual reality content channel to tourist do their website. Partnerships like this help the individual business, it helps Travel Portland promote the business, save time and everybody benefits as a whole.

Click on this map of Portland below, and see the key legend calling out 360 and virtual reality content as something tourists can easily do on their website.  You can only imagine the possibilities and fun one can have here!


Download Portland’s Travel Map



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Another Case Study in Tourism: City of Carlton

Carlton is the world’s first community to offer TrueTourTM and a virtual reality experience of all downtown businesses, literally. Check out visitcarlton.com or click the button below to view their profile page on Travel Portland where the TrueTourTM is prominently displayed.

Experience Carlton’s TrueTourTM

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