• Portland Bridal Show

    TrueTourTM brings the trade show to our customers, wherever they are. It helps our vendors connect with potential customers from anywhere in the world.

    Portland Bridal Show

TrueTourTM brings the fun and excitement of an event to the customer

TrueTourTM provides a digital brochure solution for our vendors

As a major wedding show, our job is to stay relevant and provide value to our vendors. In a digital world where physical trade show attendance is slipping, TrueTourTM gives us the edge to drive more guests to our show and helps our vendors dramatically improve the value of our show. We added TrueTourTM as in a la carte option available to our vendors in addition to their physical booth space. Visiting Media visits each booth and captures 360 and virtual reality content from each. Participating vendors get the TrueTourTM tool ahead of the show and load in all their sales and marketing materials. Visiting Media adds in the 360/VR content the morning of the show, giving our vendors an incredibly powerful digital sales brochure to use with show attendees.

Our vendors promote us everywhere

By bringing TrueTourTM to our vendors, they can’t wait to display it on their website, generating leads throughout their social media at the same time promoting our trade show everywhere.  This essentially creates a vast TrueTourTM network powered by our trade show!  We can even use this vast network to place banner ads promoting the next show, reaching tens of thousands of people in the exact target market. Visiting media’s community product means that we are able to bring TrueTourTM to all our vendors as an in-house solution. This improves the value we offer and strengthens the loyalty of our vendors.

Improves website engagement and year-round revenue

TrueTourTM on our website opens up a unique visual exploring opportunity to our site users. More people than ever visit our site and explore our vendors. Site engagement goes up, share activity goes up and in general the value of our website improves. Our website has evolved into a virtual trade show operating year-round. We are even launching a new website specifically showcasing our vendors side-by-side, powered by the TrueTourTM platform. This virtual trade show will live year-round and provide an additional revenue stream as an upgrade option to both our physical trade show vendors and those who can’t get into the show after it fills up. We are beyond excited about this!

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