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    TrueTourTM is reinvigorating the railway, captivating future passengers in a new and vital way.


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Ride our trains from anywhere

first-time Amtrak riders often act surprised when they walk into our gorgeous historic viewing cars boasting floor to ceiling windows. They never expect our in-train movie theater or fully understand the experience of riding the train until they actually are on board. This is one of the challenges of promoting Amtrak, and TrueTourTM is essentially eliminated this difficulty. By telling the story better through technology, we have enjoyed an increase in passenger interest and a unique and innovating way to sell more tickets!

Visual tool at public events

Amtrak hosts dozens of educational booths at various public events throughout the year. In the past we would hand out brochures and show photographs of our train experience but now we do it all through the TrueTourTM. You can even step into our booth, pick up a virtual reality headset and sit down inside one of our trains. The public’s reaction is off the charts cool and we are able to better achieve our goals of educating the public about train travel.

Bringing history into the future.

Amtrak has worked hard to protect this historical mode of transportation. TrueTourTM has been an exceptional asset because it allows us to celebrate history in an incredibly future-forward, innovative way. In a way TrueTourTM is protecting a part of American history!

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