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Empower your salesforce… supercharge your marketing!

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TrueTour™ immersive media improves advertising ROI.

TrueTour™ is ideal for event facilities, showrooms, hotels and restaurants.

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Use your TrueTour™ on your website, facebook page and online profiles.

Visiting Media promotes TrueTour™ clients at tradeshows, in print, and online.

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Virtually teleport customers into your business, at its best!

Reach far more buyers earlier in the buying cycle & decrease sales time.

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Deliver your TrueTour™ to others via mobile app & text message.

The TrueTour™ replaces print brochures and showroom literature.

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Update and track your TrueTour™ from one dashboard!

Users share your TrueTour™ building digital billboards for you.

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Enjoy photos, videos and other media while inside a TrueTour™.

Differentiate your business and rise above your competition.

The TrueTour™

The TrueTour™ is a powerful sales and marketing tool. The TrueTour™ is a mobile media brochure that easily delivers photo, video and interactive virtual media to any location online. The TrueTour™ virtually steps users into a location while providing calls to action at the same time. The TrueTour™ decreases sales time, improves leads, increases advertising ROI and differentiates your business.

TrueTour™ Listings & Projects

Businesses control all content displayed inside their TrueTour™ mobile brochure from their Visiting Media TrueTour™ listing. Visiting Media works with industry leaders to develop and launch TrueTour™ projects (such as Wineries360Weddings360, Pearl360 and Portland360) that network multiple TrueTours™ together by industry or region. Please visit our project listings to learn more.

Free Flowing Media

TrueTour™ content is free for the world to use! Anyone can embed, share, link to or use a TrueTour™ and our maps and directories anywhere online. This includes resource websites, governments, schools, ad agencies, neighborhoods and more! Visiting Media promotes TrueTour™ content via trade shows, in print ads and online providing added value for TrueTour™ clients.

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I can’t begin to tell you how much time and money this feature alone has saved my staff. As a relatively new venue, we have an extremely conservative marketing budget, but we still have the need to compete with the well-established venues that have been around for years and have marketing budgets ten times our size. The TrueTour and all its features are not only enabling us to compete in the marketplace, but we are killing it and winning awards. We’ve won four awards in three years and there is no doubt that the benefits we receive from using this technology has helped make us so successful.

Debbie Martin, General Manager, The Foundry at Oswego Pointe

Well, little did I know that you and TrueTour were both gold mines that you placed directly in our lap. Since the implementation of the TrueTour on our website, there has not been one day that has gone by that I have not directed someone to check out the virtual tour of our two events spaces by clicking on the link below my signature. It allows our clients to feel move connected and this gives them better peace of mind that they have chosen the right venue.

Barb Lee, Private Event Sales Manager, BridgePort Brew Pub

What is a TrueTour™ Directory?

The TrueTour™ directory is a complete database including all existing TrueTour™ from all industries. TrueTour™ clients enjoy a standard (control dashboard) categorized listing in the directory and on all Visiting Media maps. All TrueTour™ listing content, such as photos, videos, informational links and more, show up inside the TrueTour™ when viewed stand alone or as a widget outside of the directory.

What is a TrueTour™ Project?

The TrueTour™ and all TrueTour™ listings are interconnected and can be networked together by industry, region, or purpose into directory categories or projects. For example, all wineries in the Willamette Valley could link their TrueTour™ listings together and form a Willamette Valley Wineries directory category with their own maps, map pins and information. These type of TrueTour™ projects are cost effective and enjoy a large ROI.