The Problem

Hotel sales teams are struggling to keep up with business demands and adapt their methods to guest’s new digital behaviors.

It’s harder than ever to know how properties are using software, and if the resources are providing value.

It’s difficult to understand which sales tactics to repeat when sales enablement data is scarce.

Managing virtual tour and media creation across multiple properties can be time-consuming and fraught with errors.

Our Solution

SalesHub delivers a competitive advantage to management companies building scales of efficiency in how they sell a portfolio of properties to customers located anywhere on Earth by sales people located anywhere on Earth.

Manage and distribute digital assets from one central location. Begin understanding how teams are leveraging digital resources and understand patterns of your top salespeople. Visiting Media empowers management companies to leverage an Immersive Selling Strategy through all digital touchpoints to support maximum adoption across the portfolio.

  • Select properties to come on board in phases, or bring on your entire portfolio to leverage an Immersive Selling Strategy to gain a competitive edge at scale
  • All of your property resources are aggregated into one central platform hub which above-property teams can also leverage to sell and market. Gain administrative oversight and a direct line to the tools teams are using at property, with analytics and templates at your fingertips
  • Visiting Media regularly contributes to conferences, trains on site and provides educational opportunities at regional events or remotely, ensuring maximum adoption

Visiting Media Simplifies the Launch of Entire Portfolios

SalesHub provides property sellers with the best tools imaginable, and top-of-funnel brand consistency, while at the same time instantly sharing 360°, 3D and other sales visuals with cluster sales teams above property.

Over the past decade Visiting Media built a network of content creators covering nearly all global markets. Visiting Media customers can launch a portfolio of properties, in unison, turning on virtual selling and cluster sales capabilities, including the production of traditional, 360°, 3D and virtual reality content literally within a few weeks.

Supporting direct booking, event managers and directors of sales and marketing attest our tool is “essential to doing business” and save them hours a week, maximizing their current headcount on property or in a remote working environment.

“Visiting Media will help SPIRE lead the industry at using technology and innovation to maximize sales performance. We’re excited to partner with them and use TrueTour™ as a way to differentiate SPIRE properties and open up new incremental revenue pathways!”

Customer Success Journey

Our Customer Success Managers are your partners in the property launch process. From kickoff to planning to content capture and team training, the entire journey is handled by experts with attention to detail. Lean on their immersive selling expertise and you can be confident each of the properties in your portfolio will be launched based on corporate expectations and goals.

1 Kickoff Call & True Tour App Delivery

Your kickoff call maps out your project plan, begins your scheduling process and sets coordinated goals to meet your KPI requirements. While your content is being captured, you can immediately start using your TrueTour™ platform to begin sharing and integrating your current content.

2 Content Capture

With our content creators in 5 continents, we schedule and coordinate content capture to get your 360s, 3D, CGI and traditional content produced smoothly. Our content experts will work to thoroughly prepare for a seamless and beautiful shoot.

3 Ongoing Training & Support

You receive extensive one-on-one training for all team members across your property. With live trainings and asynchronous learning resources, you can receive best practices and continued learning with every new feature and platform innovations.

4 Distribute Immersive Content onto Websites, Proposals and More

Studies show an 18x increase in ROI when customers view immersive visuals early in their buying cycle. We distribute digital assets across major RFP/RFI platforms, in PDFs, on websites, in presentation platforms, and anywhere you can share a link in order to maximize your marketing impact.

5 Use Your TrueTour™ Platform When Selling

We teach your teams how to create custom virtual site experiences for every client, leverage templates, conduct site inspections in person and at a distance, update clients’ proposals at any time, and view actionable analytics and engagement data.

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