Photography and Videography Now Available as Part of Your TrueTour™ Package: Introducing the Traditional Content Division!

You may have heard the old mantra, “You can pick two — good, fast, or cheap — but you can’t have all three.” That saying, while relevant in some circumstances, doesn’t reflect the vast advancements in technology that have completely turned the photography and videography world upside down. We think the current model is becoming archaic and limiting to the needs of a digital consumer.

The photography and video industry is ripe for disruption, and we’re inspired to shake up this model. We’ve solved many of the pain points and common complaints we hear from our customers constantly. Once they experience the Visiting Media Photo and Video production method, they’ll never go back to the old way of doing things.

A Stifling Reality — Until Now

Videography and Photography have traditionally been a one-and-done purchase that provides high-quality content at a very high, one-time cost. The deliverables are limited by a specified number of edits and/or a minimal amount of content. Because of this, photographers are brought in only when needed, once every couple of years, and video becomes a luxury that most hotels and venues will decide against unless absolutely necessary.

Properties need a quick, efficient source of high-value content which is brand approved and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You don’t need to lose out on days of room or event revenue because our team is trained to deliver the quality you’ve come to expect in less than a quarter of the time.

Advantage 1: A Marketing Extension

We are being added to our customer’s marketing team and will produce ongoing content and edits at their request. Our editing team becomes their editing team. Our production team becomes their production team, and we will be available for additional shoots every year and even more frequently for a small return trip price. 

Advantage 2: Quick, High Quality and Numerous Deliverables

Spaces may vary in size but will not differ in price or volume of deliverables. Our team is expertly trained to segment spaces based on brand requirements, room layouts and angles. With an efficient formula, they can capture more content in each space in a fraction of the time. Not only will this streamline the production process on site, but it will provide the customer with more high-quality imagery than the industry standard.

Advantage 3: On-Demand Content Creation

Our team of content creators and editors will be available to our clients whenever the need arises, giving them the ability to edit content, or make unlimited revisions on existing content, at no additional charge! Additionally, our team will be available to create new deliverables based on these existing content files.

Advantage 4: Low Up-Front Cost

The cost for industry-standard content creation ranges from the surprising to the obscene. Similar to our immersive content, our pricing will be based on the number of spaces we shoot. Pricing will be a small monthly cost per space — a model our customers are familiar with already — and is worked in easily to the recurring budget.

  • Photography: 
    • Our team will be available year round to shoot any space on the property for one low monthly price per space. 
    • We will be available to return every year (at no additional charge) to reshoot any space enabling our clients to build an elaborate portfolio of designs/layouts.
    • We will deliver on average 25 photos from each space within the hotel… suites, restaurants, rental space, conference rooms, meeting halls, public areas, any space desired. The problem will be having to select which amazing photos to use.
    • Full licensing/ownership rights of the content.
    • Lifestyle/Experiential photography and CGI editing also available.
  • Videography:
    • Year round production capability for any space on the property at one low monthly rate. 
    • Utilize our editing team to create up to 24 different social media videos each year from existing content – at no additional charge.
      • They will in essence be getting their own video production team… at no additional charge!
    • Return each year to reshoot new areas or reshoot old ones and build the content library – at no additional charge. 
    • Unlimited edit requests on delivered content. 
    • Full ownership of all published content. 
    • Lifestyle/Experiential Videography also available.

Ready to get started?

For pricing details and to start the next steps, speak with our Sales team today ( Our content teams are standing by!

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Visiting Media has launched TrueTour CGI!

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You already know the power of immersive visuals, so let us help you put your customer’s minds at ease by showing them what your safe and compliant events look like.

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TrueTour Stills

TrueTour™ Stills: High Definition Photos Created From Your Immersive Content!

Traditional photo shoots can be very expensive and time-consuming to produce. Production fees, editing costs, licensing, not to mention the lost opportunity costs for the days of unrented space. All of the short-and-long-term expenses can take a substantial chunk of your marketing costs off the table for the year. That’s why Visiting Media is excited to provide an alternative to such a hefty investment.

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Data Shows Permanent Shift in Hospitality Status Quo

Data Shows a “Permanent Shift in the Hospitality Status Quo with a New Normal Emerging,” Says Leading Virtual Software Company Visiting Media

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Amid Global Tourism Stall, Virtual Site Visits and Familiarization Meetings Soar with TrueTour™ 360° Immersive Technology

Despite lockdowns, closures and quarantines around the world, the global tourism industry is leveraging immersive sales technology to weather the storm. Using new 360°/3D site visit technology to perform digital walk-throughs, plan future events at a distance and increase bookings, the safety of corporate planners, travel buyers and employees are kept as a top priority while saving the bottom line.

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TrueTour™ Version X: Announcing the Next Evolution in Property Sales & Marketing Technology!

Coming early 2021, TrueTour™ Version X will introduce previously unthinkable sales and marketing tools to planet Earth, truly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to promoting hotels and resorts. Developed through super-user feedback, thought leadership, data-based invention and top industry R&D, this new TrueTour™ platform version combines many existing selling tools along with powerful immersive visuals to create a true selling super-tool… you truly have to experience it to understand the impact TrueTour™ X will have across the hospitality industry.

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Harness the Power of Multi-Property Sales with TrueTour™ HUB Technology

If property groups weren’t already making the shift to podded, or cluster, sales teams, many TrueTour™ customers are quickly adjusting their sales structure due to current market demands. Many of these cluster sales teams work in remote offices offsite and are equipped to facilitate sales from a distance. These teams can handle sales for multiple properties and maintain high-level brand consistency. They require a portfolio of tools which are symbiotic and easily shareable, consumer-friendly and easy to use by a variety of customers – individual travelers, groups, planners, corporations and more.

To meet the growing needs of these podded teams, we’ve accelerated the release of a new TrueTour product which pulls resources and data from multiple TrueTours and puts it into one singular resource. Introducing the TrueTour HUB!

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Introducing Aerial 3D: Taking Immersive Marketing to New Heights

As properties slowly reopen their doors to the public in socially distanced ways, outdoor amenities have become increasingly important to offer travelers safe outdoor experiences.

To help our customers attract travelers who are ready to soak up outdoor summer amenities, we’re releasing a new product which showcases a beautiful sense of place, differentiating properties in important ways consumers are engaging with now.

Introducing Aerial 3D, A brand-new offering which can be fully integrated into your current TrueTour™ tool, breathing new life into your immersive portfolio!

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