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Hear directly from our customers why they love TrueTour and the Visiting Media service provided at scale. From property-level sales teams to regional and global enterprises, TrueTour’s suite of technologies provides solutions throughout brand, management company and ownership group teams distributed around the world.

Visiting Media serves thousands of customers including
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Now what’s great about SalesHub is we can package it. I can bundle that [content], save you time and just show you the stuff you want to see. And now obviously they have the new voice recording option too which is great. I could just do it all virtually and leave a verbal description if I need to what you need to look at or what we’re talking about. I think that’s fantastic. I think for hotels that don’t have it, it’s a miss.

Dan Shaughnessy – Director of Sales and Marketing – Marriot Marquis San Diego Marina


We’re constantly using [TrueTour] as a resource to house all of our PDFs of our meeting capacity guides, our sales kits, our 360° photos… we can actually share them as part of our sales proposals, which has been a really great opportunity for us.

Sam Klein – Director of Marketing Strategy, Meetings & Events – MGM Resorts

[TrueTour] is not only easy to access and use but it allows you to show content that is tailored to the conversation you’re having with your clients. It definitely helps us book business faster, especially in this market where everything is last minute.

Jonathan Leonardis – Global Director of Sales – SH Hotels & Resorts

Our team used to have assets in about 50 different places, this tool is the 1st time that our team will have all their assets in one place and right at their fingertips. Before Visiting Media, we would have to gather data from client meetings to then hand off to the sales coordinator to gather all the assets to send over. Now, we can do it instantly during the call.

Marketing Strategy Manager

We love using the TrueTour. We list it on our email signatures and in all our proposals. I am a Dual and Connected hotel – so a link that showcases the amenities that make us a “Full Service” Hotel is extremely helpful. The storage of documents is also extremely helpful. The platform is like a sales ‘kit’ with all our Menus, Collaterals, etc. It makes it seamless and professional experience with the client. We have a conference in May that wanted to discuss vendor booths and the flow of their meeting and True Tour was a big help. We also take screen shots of the room layouts and make our own diagrams for banquet teams.  I can easily say we booked over $100k in revenue in 2023.

Area Director of Sales & Marketing – Hilton Garden Inn and Home2 Suites

I would definitely endorse working with Visiting Media. This product is definitely going to help you stand out above the rest. It’s a great tool, especially with the modern technology that we have, and it brings our proposals more in line with the modern day and advances our product.

Jonathan Muscillo – Group Sales Manager – Heldrich Hotel

With Visiting Media we can have clients who used to be with us for a large programs come back and see the new ways that we’re leading into the future and that’s been really helpful to save the time but also change the client’s perception of value and what we can do for them.

Erin Osaki – Corporate Sales Manager – Riverhouse on the Deschutes

I have used our link a few times when a client isn’t located close enough to the hotel to come in for a site visit, especially to view our meeting space layout for different programs. It’s been great to hop on a team call with them and schedule an appointment time on teams and treat the appointment just like an in-person appointment from start to finish. Then in the end I got the business!

Area Director of Sales – Courtyard by Marriott and Residence Inn Plainfield

The imperative for a virtual product became undeniable. During a period when hotel sales were challenging, Visiting Media’s sales enablement tool has evolved into a crucial component of our teams, particularly with the rise of remote work among those teams. In this new business era, showcasing your product virtually is paramount. Traditional websites fall short; static photos and URLs no longer suffice.

Vice President of Sales Operations

For us TrueTour is a lifesaver! Since our property is a harder to get to destination, it is not easy, especially for clients from the USA and Asia, to get to for a site visit. TrueTour allows us to give them a true taste of what we have to offer. TrueTour made closing deals more effortless for us, and I would recommend it.

Karim El-Rami – Regional Director of Sales and Marketing, Luxury Brands – Accor Hotels

We have extended the pilot and partnership to eagerly add 15 hotels this year. We are particularly enthusiastic about the upcoming release of version X and the possibilities it holds for us. Our current success with the platform is promising, and we anticipate that the new features will further enhance its performance. As proud partners of Visiting Media, we are eager to witness improved outcomes for our team in the future.

Dan Surette – Chief Sales Officer – Omni Hotels & Resorts

Being able to track whether or not the client has opened up and forwarded the information has been crucial. We don’t have that data now since we are sending it in an attachment. It helps us be smarter and more efficient on secondary calls

Marketing Strategy Manager

Working with Visiting Media has been a great experience. I find them to be fun, flexible, and the product is really, really great.

Brad Mettler – Director of Sales and Marketing

When you’re introduced to a new technology, it’s always a little scary at first. But when I started using the platform, I realized how easy it is to use and I found very unique ways to institute it.

Rishi De – Senior Sales Executive

The Visiting Media team is unmatched, they are incredibly flexible, very responsive, a true extension of our team.

Reina Herschdorfer – Director of Marketing, National Meetings & Events

For those of you not using TrueTour, you definitely need to upgrade… To be honest, it has greatly changed the way I do business on a daily basis. So now, it’s my go-to tool.

Michelle Carter – Restaurant Sales Executive

TrueTour helps our company achieve its objectives by really streamlining the sales process. So rather than having to send out a bunch of different attachments and links, we can send one link that has all of the information they need.

Nicolette Impastado – Senior Sales Executive

Our hotel is really focused on green initiatives. With that, we utilize the QR codes quite often to send experiences to our customers. This allows us to be agile and have all our information right at our fingertips.

Samantha Lynch – Associate Director, Sales

A big win we had with TrueTour X recently, I was working with a client for a destination wedding. They were out of state. I had an initial conversation over the phone, and I didn’t hear back for two weeks, they did not respond to email. I sent them a [TrueTour] and that same day received a phone call back. I since closed that piece of business worth about $150,000.

Olaf Leikvoll – Senior Catering Sales Executive

The thing I think that’s important for people to know about Visiting Media is that not once have we had a customer tell us it didn’t work. Visiting Media never fails, the tool is so simple and easy to use for the customer. They call us back and tell us how great it is.

John Carter & Kristen Lindgren – Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing Operations – Sage Hospitality Group

We compete against 15 different cities, maybe 100 different hotels… What we’ve made sure to do is to include TrueTour as part of our everyday process — with every proposal, every contact, every lead that comes in.

Scott Boyer Director of Sales and Marketing – Denver Marriott Tech Center

There’s no hidden surprises with what I’m going to try and sell. No one is going to come and say this wasn’t the dream you sold me — it’s exactly what I’m going to show you. [TrueTour has] been an essential part of our selling.

Brittany Maestas – Director of Sales – Springhill Suites Downtown Denver

[Visiting Media] does a great job in that area, to be an absolute partner and listen to our needs and provide the customized solution that’s going to fit that property.

Brandy Dodd – Director of Sales Systems and Analytics – Sage Hospitality
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Blend websites, PDFs, videos, photos, 360° images, 3D models, diagrams, floorplans, proposals, contracts and more into unique Experiences for every single lead. Create templates to duplicate and share your best performing Experiences with entire teams at and above property.

Users can monitor each opportunity with real-time engagement alerts. Above property, monitor sales team productivity around the globe and take control of your entire portfolio.

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Our platform makes is incredibly fast and easy for property salespeople to find and present their sales and marketing materials during face-to-face selling and when selling virtually via screen share.

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