The Problem

Properties are without a partner guiding their immersive asset decisions.

Most virtual tour providers lack an understanding of brand standards or hospitality consumer trends to guide where immersive technology is headed from a behavioral standpoint.

Adherence to accessibility standards requires consistent innovation and collaboration when using immersive assets across top-funnel channels.

Brands need a resource to provide visibility and integration capabilities which make it easy to process immersive assets and distribute them through key channels.

While immersive assets come and go, it can feel like a gamble which resource will have staying power with consumers. Immersion needs to drive value and be deployed in a pragmatic way that consumers will actually engage with.

  • Syndicate content into through SalesHub Enterprise solutions
  • Maintain brand standards with whitelabeled and customizable interfaces that put brands in the driver’s seat across channels
  • Ensure compliance with standards all the way into the hands of individual sellers with administrative capabilities

Our Solution

With a partner in Visiting Media, brands take advantage of over a decade of expertise working with hard and soft brands, independent and franchised stakeholders, to understand the best practices and guiding principles which will drive real customer engagement from innovative technology.

Visiting Media’s Immersive Selling Strategy allows for brands to make more confident investments into immersion, using user-tested and data-driven best practices to guide the deployment of a strategy which complements each brand’s unique attributes and value pillars. We’ve seen what works across chain scales and consult with brands regularly who want to get ahead of their competition and deploy systems which are proven.

Brand consistency, accessibility, compliance and ease of deployment are resolved with SalesHub’s enterprise solutions. Brand managed and franchised hotels are properly supported, with collaboration between ownership and management stakeholders to ensure adoption across channels is frictionless.

“Once we saw the power [Visiting Media’s platform] had to help our sales people and increase incremental revenue with our first properties, it was a no-brainer to roll out the platform with our entire portfolio. It integrates stunning 360° and 3D visuals, created by Visiting Media, with our most important sales and marketing materials, housing everything in one sales tool. We’re able to showcase the unique character of each of our properties and improve how we capture business globally. We’re projecting significant return on our investment with current properties and new developments.”

Customer Success Journey

Our Customer Success Managers are your partners in the property launch process. From kickoff to planning to content capture and team training, the entire journey is handled by experts with attention to detail. Lean on their immersive selling expertise and you can be confident each of the properties in your portfolio will be launched based on corporate expectations and goals.

1 Kickoff Call & True Tour App Delivery

Your kickoff call maps out your project plan, begins your scheduling process and sets coordinated goals to meet your KPI requirements. While your content is being captured, you can immediately start using your TrueTour™ platform to begin sharing and integrating your current content.

2 Digital Asset Production

With our content creators in 5 continents, we schedule and coordinate to get your 360°s, 3D, CGI and traditional content produced smoothly. Our experts will work to thoroughly prepare for a seamless and beautiful shoot.

3 Ongoing Training & Support

You receive extensive training for all team members across your property. With live trainings and asynchronous learning resources, you can receive best practices and continued learning with every new feature and platform innovation.

4 Immersive Channel Distribution

Studies show a 17x increase in ROI when customers view immersive visuals early in their buying cycle. We distribute digital assets across major RFP/RFI platforms, OTAs, booking engines, in PDFs, on websites, in presentation platforms, and anywhere you can share a link in order to maximize your marketing impact.

5 Use Your Platform When Selling

We teach your teams how to create custom virtual site experiences for every client, enable teams to leverage templates, conduct site inspections in person and at a distance, update clients’ proposals at any time, and view actionable analytics and engagement data.

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