Our customers report a significant impact on their business when leveraging our immersive selling strategy with their sales and marketing teams.

$58,000 in revenue directly impacted by Visiting Media’s platform in a week

Marriott – Airport – New York

“I would say it has increased our closing ratio on group stays by 25%”

Hyatt Place – Downtown – Wisconsin

$117,500 booked revenue in a month associated with Visiting Media’s platform

Upscale Downtown Hotel – Illinois

“I’m a boutique property and I competing against my two top level properties for a large piece of business – an international tour of entertainers. Their rep called and said that my proposal was very good but the client thought we were a little old-fashioned. And so I said ‘I just got this new tool. Let me send it to you.’ Two days later, the rep called back and said they loved the property. It was over 1,000 room nights and it was $157,000 in business. And I had this tool for just one week. So I’m very very excited about it!”

Boutique Hotel  – San Antonio

“We secured more than $1,000,000 in event and F&B sales within the first year through corporate events when we started using the platform regularly”

Charles Krug Winery

“I did a zoom call with a contact for a group sale, presented diagrams and the TrueTour. They chose us and I was able to secure $40,000″

Hilton – Airport – Florida

Achieve similar results with Visiting Media


“I was able to lock in an extended stay group for August this year thanks to our link. The contact was not local and wanted to see the hotel virtually. I was able to walk her through everything […] having her following along on the tour link. I earned the business and I know much of it had to do with her being able to “see” the hotel as I explained how we would be able to accommodate her group. The contract was $62,000! Very exciting!

Element – Longer-Stay – Denver

We have seen a 17x ROI since implementing the tool! Visiting Media is among the first set of solutions I would look to reduce spending and increase revenue.”

Boutique Hotel & Spa – Downtown – Virginia

“I have used the platform on many calls for LNRs that have resulted in agreements being signed. The Sales Team has also used the link to close many pieces of business. I can easily say we booked over $100k in revenue in 2023.

Dual | Connected HGI & Home2Suites – Phoenix

“During a site visit, one of our meeting spaces was unavailable for viewing. However, we utilized our TrueTour to walk the client to the meeting floor and virtually showcase the space. Thanks to that immersive experience, we successfully closed a deal resulting in a total revenue of $20,000.”

Upscale Downtown Hotel – San Diego


Achieve similar results with Visiting Media


$30,000 in group sales & events impacted by Visiting Media’s platform in a month

Renaissance – Destination – California

$250,000 booked revenue in a week with Visiting Media’s link added in proposals

Renaissance – Upscale Resort – California

+$1,000,000 in group booking and events in a week with the help of TrueTour

Boutique – Upscale Resort – Hawaii


“I was able to book a 21 Day Oil field training that consists of 40 sleeping rooms per night and both meeting rooms with catering. The trainer was local, but the company contracting was in Houston. I sent the link to the Project Manager to confirm the property was a fit and they closed.”

Hilton Garden Inn – Conference Center – Louisiana

“I was working with a client for a destination wedding, they were out of state. We had an initial conversation via phone. I proactively sent them our TrueTour virtual tour and same day I received a phone call back in response. I closed that event worth about $150,000.”

Convention Hotel – Downtown – Maryland