Matterport has Nominated Us for a Matty Award!

Matty Award Nominee Visiting Media Matterport 3D ModelingWe are thrilled to announce that Matterport has selected Visiting Media for a Matty Award! Our Evergreen Air & Space Museum is in the running for “ Best Transportation Space”. Visiting Media is honored to be selected alongside so many impressive 3D models.

If you haven’t yet explored this trending phenomenon, Matterport is a powerful tool used to present your venue as a glorious 3D model. It is perfect for exploring virtual spaces on any digital devices, and provides unique context and perspective, as well as a fun interactive component to engage the viewer. Once we’ve captured our members’ content with our unique 3D camera, we use Matterport’s technology in conjunction with ours to create the 3D dollhouse models and aerial floor plans found within TrueTour®.

Needless to say, the Matterport 3D model feature is one of our most popular member benefits. Matterport by itself is pretty exciting. But, Matterport as an added component within TrueTour transforms the 3D Model into an uber powerful selling tool, connecting the dots for the viewer and making the buying decision seamless and significantly easier.  Continue Reading…

Visiting Media Elevator Pitch

How to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a unique presentation form that is used to persuade an audience to take a specific action. It is concise, conversational, and unforgettable. The idea behind the term is that you should be able to present a clear idea or pitch within the length of time it takes to travel in an elevator. Ready, set, go. Continue Reading…

TrueTour Infographic

Infographic: Create Your Own Virtual Brochure

Ready for some fun?

Click below to view our fullscreen infographic on how to create a virtual brochure, as we invite you to journey with us on the adventure of understanding immersive and traditional content. TrueTour® is so much more than a virtual tour. It is designed to compliment both traditional and immersive content, producing the best sales tool for hospitality and private event industries. We think you’ll discover they go together hand-in-hand just perfectly.


TrueTour Infographic



visiting media 2018 trends

2018 Digital Marketing Trends

As marketers, we are constantly trying to reach consumers on a deeper level. We aim to connect with them both emotionally and physically to send a carefully crafted message that will inspire and gently lead them to want to take a desired action. In the last decade, we’ve seen just how much technology is advancing our opportunities to achieve this objective. Continue Reading…


New Feature: PDF Gallery

PDFs are an integral tool you use every day.

Now you can upload all of your PDFs into your TrueTour, sharing a single link that invites your ideal customers to not only view your intended PDF in all its glory, but also invites the fullest and most immersive customer experience possible.

We can’t wait for you to try this new feature! Have any questions? Contact us here. We’re happy to help.