Visiting Media is proud of the long-term relationship built with Aimbridge, enabling Aimbridge properties around the world to stand out from the competition with our cutting-edge technology.

At Visiting Media, we thrive on being disruptors in our industry, constantly pushing the boundaries and redefining what’s possible for sales people and teams!

As an Aimbridge property, take advantage of the benefits of the only hospitality sales enablement platform in the market to close faster and boost your ROI in 2024.


End-of-Year Offer

Speak with our team to save up to 50% on your 2024 rates!


2023 Aimbridge Summit LIVE! Sponsors

A Message From our CEO, Ben Powers:

“Participating in the Aimbridge event was truly invigorating for our company. It provided a platform to showcase our unwavering commitment to innovation and collaboration within the dynamic hospitality industry. I firmly believe that our dedication to continuous improvement and excellence will pave the way for us to redefine the future of this sector. The overwhelming response from attendees further reinforces our belief in the power of our vision, and we are excited to harness this momentum to drive positive change and make a lasting impact in the industry.”

Expansive Convention and Hotel Space Made Sellable with TrueTour Mockup

Syndicate Digital Assets Across Your Organization

With the hospitality industry in mind, our platform gives teams the tools they need so they can sell like an expert without needing a developer or software expertise.

  • Marketing can share digital assets instantly with all sales users around the world.
  • Create templates from your best performing resources and make it easy for team members to share with prospects to sell more projects.
  • Manage proposals across all stages of the funnel without time consuming meetings or email chains.
  • Equip your sales teams with everything they need, so they spend less time searching for information, and spend more time closing deals.

Visiting Media Software Capabilities Extend Well Beyond Immersive Assets

Our suite of software products manages and greatly enhances the value of assets for sales teams and omnichannel integrations.

Our sales enablement software is a unified platform that manages all sales assets across vertical teams and channels. It’s the world’s first platform seamlessly integrating immersive assets like 3D and 360° with traditional assets like photos, videos and PDFs.

Visiting Media's Impact

When asked 60 properties about the impact that TrueTour™ brings to their business, and the top answers were:


Accelerating the sales cycle


Differentiating from my competitors


Saving time


Closing larger deals

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