Visiting Media and Hyatt: Elevating Hospitality Excellence

Hyatt has always been a trendsetter in the world of hospitality, and the brand’s approach to leveraging sales tools, like TrueTour™, is no different.  Visiting Media is proud to be a global partner with Hyatt and the only recommended hospitality sales enablement platform vendor for the brand.

The brand is the best-in-class when it comes to web integrations and utilizing unique TrueTour features such as the ability to pull still images directly from 360° photos. These are just a few reasons why Visiting Media works with nearly 300 Hyatt properties worldwide, including 16 sub-brands, providing a competitive advantage to Hyatt hotels all across the globe.

The future is bright with Hyatt. We are working with you in all corners of the world.

Ben Powers

CEO at Visiting Media

Trusted By Hyatt Brands

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Visiting Media's Impact

When asked 60 properties about the impact that TrueTour™ brings to their business, and the top answers were:


Accelerating the sales cycle


Differentiating from my competitors


Saving time


Closing larger deals

TrueTour is really helpful. That’s been a good selling feature for us. I think it definitely accelerates the sales process. At the end of the day, being able to showcase almost a live walkthrough and experience gives customers that comfort of signing maybe without even coming in for a site inspection.

Associate Sales Director at Hyatt Regency

Why Visiting Media?

Immersive Sales Enablement

Our platform is made to enable your teams to showcase and sell in person or at a distance with an intuitive interface. Equip your sales teams with the right blend of assets and information within an elegant platform to help them increase sales and convert leads faster.

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Digital Asset Management

With a virtual foundation, digital assets are fully under your control. Forget confusing file servers and photo sharing services; now managing all digital assets is as easy as uploading them onto our platform and keeping them organized through powerful search functionality. File upload is free, anytime, anywhere.

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Managed Services

From 360° imagery to 3D modeling, photo and video to CGI, Visiting Media supports digital asset production around the globe. Our proprietary 360° production process and cloud-based support has allowed for a seamless immersive experience for users across the web, putting usable visuals in the hands of sellers across industries, delivered to millions of viewers worldwide.

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