Visiting Media and Hyatt: Elevating Hospitality Excellence

Hyatt has always been a trendsetter in the world of hospitality, and the brand’s approach to leveraging sales tools, like TrueTour™, is no different.  Visiting Media is proud to be a global partner with Hyatt and the only recommended hospitality sales enablement platform vendor for the brand.
The brand is the best-in-class when it comes to web integrations and utilizing unique TrueTour features such as the ability to pull still images directly from 360° photos. These are just a few reasons why Visiting Media works with nearly 300 Hyatt properties worldwide, including 16 sub-brands, providing a competitive advantage to Hyatt hotels all across the globe.

The future is bright with Hyatt. We are working with you in all corners of the world.

Ben Powers – CEO at Visiting Media

Trusted By Hyatt Brands

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Visiting Media's Impact

“I would say it has increased our closing ratio on group stays by 25%

Hyatt Place – Downtown – Wisconsin

“That’s been a good selling feature for us, too. …. I think it definitely accelerates the sales process.”

Hyatt Regency – Huntington Beach


Why Visiting Media?


Unlike generic sales enablement tools, SalesHub supports hospitality team’s specific needs within hotel brands, management companies, and ownership groups. Users can combine immersive content with other collateral to create custom digital experiences for customers. It uses consumer psychology to increase the speed of buying decisions and amplify differentiation and memorability.

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3D, 360º and CGI Production

From 360° imagery to 3D modeling, immersive video to CGI, Visiting Media supports digital asset production around the globe. Our service provides virtual site inspection visuals of the highest quality loaded into the sales enablement platform. We only provide immersive assets of the highest quality standards, consulting with brand managers for consistency portfolio-wide.

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Training & Support

Multiple platforms, numerous features – yet, what your team truly needs is simplicity. Your team doesn’t need to struggle with platforms that overpromise and underdeliver. Receive extensive one-on-one or group training for all team members across your property. With live and video training, plus in-app guides and on-demand videos, you can receive best practices and continued learning with every innovation launched with your platform.

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