Setting the Stage: Get Your Hotel Ready for Showtime

Click the link below to download our photoshoot planning guide which covers the finer points of setting up (such as no wrinkles on linens, and supporting your photographer in keeping areas free of staff and guests). Please review and let your photoshoot scheduler know if you have any questions about preparing your spaces for being showcased at their very best.

You’ll have received an itinerary from your scheduler. Please forward your itinerary to all team members involved so they can be aware of the scope of the shoot.

Download Photoshoot Prep Guide

Adding Content During Your Shoot

If you wish to add any content to your shotlist while the photographer is onsite, please be mindful of your content allotment.

Should you exceed your allotment, you will be subject to additional monthly charges. If you have questions about this, please reach out to your support representative during business hours before your shoot.

Hillel: (503) 210-1397

Ryan: (503) 374-9038

Lucas: (503) 765-8746

Trish: (971) 512-0218

Giovan: (503) 660-8013

Austin: 503-546-9358

Twyla: 503-928-5564

Laura: 602-325-5035

Emily: 503-788-4076

Travis: 503-715-2085

Jenna: 503-416-6477

Ashlee: 503-446-3092

William: 503-360-0269

John: 503-836-7567

Kelly: 503-406-3797

Final Details

Our next step is to review the details for the shoot and ensure that we have everything in line with your expectations so that we can ensure that this proceeds smoothly. Fill out the following form and hit “submit” to ensure the shoot will proceed successfully:
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Contact the Scheduling Team

Jackie George

(503) 208-5971

Claudia Golden

(503) 334-3723

Shealynn McCoy

(971) 358-7595

Kassi Fitzpatrick

(503) 208-5971

For any questions at any time, contact our Photography Scheduling department here: