CGI Designed to Increase Sales

Some CGI event software on the market replicates your entire space in CGI, or uses a low-resolution atmosphere. This may not reflect the same lighting, texture, detail or views you get when physically walking your space. Our proprietary blend of true-to-life HDR 360° imagery, with state-of-the-art animation, adds a next-level sense of realism.

With Visiting Media’s CGI, animation and virtual reality, we blend the best of both worlds together so customers believe in what they’re seeing with their own eyes. Your custom CGI builds your prospect’s trust and elevates their booking experience.


Animated Furniture and Event Setup

TrueTour customers don’t have to invest in a staged photoshoot in order to show and sell unique events.

Want to hold more glamorous weddings in your new event space, socially distanced or at regular capacity? Have our team create a CGI wedding your way. Want to book more corporate or trade business? We can stylize your ballrooms or auditoriums to look exactly like your ideal trade show or high-end corporate event.

Once your prospects see your real space staged to perfection, they’ll trust your vision for their event and be ready to move forward.

Buildings, Property Maps and Aerial Models

Sharing proximity in a professional way can give your sales teams a great advantage. Our TrueTour Aerial CGI Model can encompass an entire city or a few square blocks in a fully interactive CGI map, placing a new property within the region. We map out your region using satellite data, highlighting destinations that are minutes or miles away. These models are customized to your exact specifications with animated graphics and branded icons. Guests, partners, planners, OTAs/CVBs and other stakeholders will love the beautiful interface.

TrueTour’s aerial CGI models and videos elevate your brand in a sophisticated and beautiful package. Say goodbye to low-resolution, made-from-scratch solutions. Digital twins and aerial models will wow clients, planners and investors.

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