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Your Customer Journey, Part 5: Why Design Matters

We are now in the final segment of our 5 part series about developing the ultimate customer journey. We started the series by defining the term in part 1, then in part 2 we explored how virtual reality and 3D modeling can play an integral role in the customer journey. In part 3 and part 4 we walked through fun case studies for both the hospitality and private event facility sectors. Here we’ll discover how to make your TrueTour® customer journey different from your competitors.

Note that this post is designed as an advanced sequel to its predecessors in the series, so we would recommend reading through the previous posts before diving into this one. For part 5, we’ll share our insider fave forms of engaging marketing campaigns that can be used as a foundation to which you can add your own unique ideas. Tackle the ideas that are most relevant to your space, or venue, or try them all! Continue Reading…

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How to Create a Customer Journey

To sincerely connect with your audience today it’s vital to consider what you want your customer journey to look like. It’s become a new marketing and sales practice to thoroughly map out your customer’s relationship and contact with your business along with any tangent points (check out other recent marketing trends here). By proper planning, you can strive to give your audience the best possible experience when interacting with you. Contingency plans can then be put into place to avoid a negative experience. Continue Reading…