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Using 3D Models in Your Customer Journey Part 2

This post is the second of our Customer Journey series. Last week we broke down the concept of a customer journey and how to go about building one that works for you. This week we’ll be explaining how utilizing 3D modeling and Matterport within TrueTour® can elevate the customer experience even further. Continue Reading…

Matterport has Nominated Us for a Matty Award!

Matty Award Nominee Visiting Media Matterport 3D ModelingWe are thrilled to announce that Matterport has selected Visiting Media for a Matty Award! Our Evergreen Air & Space Museum is in the running for “ Best Transportation Space”. Visiting Media is honored to be selected alongside so many impressive 3D models.

If you haven’t yet explored this trending phenomenon, Matterport is a powerful tool used to present your venue as a glorious 3D model. It is perfect for exploring virtual spaces on any digital devices, and provides unique context and perspective, as well as a fun interactive component to engage the viewer. Once we’ve captured our members’ content with our unique 3D camera, we use Matterport’s technology in conjunction with ours to create the 3D dollhouse models and aerial floor plans found within TrueTour®.

Needless to say, the Matterport 3D model feature is one of our most popular member benefits. Matterport by itself is pretty exciting. But, Matterport as an added component within TrueTour transforms the 3D Model into an uber powerful selling tool, connecting the dots for the viewer and making the buying decision seamless and significantly easier.  Continue Reading…