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Part 3: Hotel Customer Journey Case Study

Now that we’ve briefed you on the importance and purpose of a customer journey in parts 1 and 2 we’d like to talk about how to apply that strategy for the hotel industry. Specifically how to enhance your audience’s journey within the TrueTour® platform to provide them with valuable information and make their experience not just enjoyable, but effortless as well. Continue Reading…

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How to Add Custom Colors!

As promised, this week we’ve unveiled CUSTOM COLORS!

Let’s pause to do a small but festive office dance party.

We have felt your pain – the angst of being confined by a single font and color palette for too long! No more, dear members. Now, with a few clicks you can have the Google font of your dreams, in the color of your brand. All is finally right with the world. We really do get it! Continue Reading…

Spring Cleaning Visiting Media

Spring Cleaning: Auditing your TrueTour® Strategy

As the spring season nears, now is the perfect time to take part in a bit of spring cleaning for not just at home but also in the workplace. Conducting a regular audit of all your marketing and sales strategies including your TrueTour strategy is something that we recommend in order to stay current and to communicate the right information to your customer. Continue Reading…

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Using 3D Models in Your Customer Journey Part 2

This post is the second of our Customer Journey series. Last week we broke down the concept of a customer journey and how to go about building one that works for you. This week we’ll be explaining how utilizing 3D modeling and Matterport within TrueTour® can elevate the customer experience even further. Continue Reading…

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How to Use Your TrueTour Link Gallery [Video]

Create better customer journeys with your custom link gallery!

The new Link Gallery lets our members create even better customer journeys! Now create sub-menus for your customers which make their experience even more intuitive, seamless, and user-friendly. Watch the video below to see how easy and fun this is! Continue Reading…

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How to Create a Customer Journey

To sincerely connect with your audience today it’s vital to consider what you want your customer journey to look like. It’s become a new marketing and sales practice to thoroughly map out your customer’s relationship and contact with your business along with any tangent points (check out other recent marketing trends here). By proper planning, you can strive to give your audience the best possible experience when interacting with you. Contingency plans can then be put into place to avoid a negative experience. Continue Reading…