Maximize Your Investment! Your Ultimate Strategy Guide to 360° vs 3D

Here at Visiting Media, we’re not simply selling you groundbreaking 3D and 360° visuals. What sets us apart from a traditional “virtual tour” or “3D modeling” provider is the best practices and advice from our Support Team members, who can plan and execute on a seamless user experience for you based on their years of experience working with clients facing your exact challenges.

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CenturyLink Field

CenturyLink Field Partners with Visiting Media

When we approached the team at CenturyLink Field – home of the Seattle Seahawks – to provide them with a best-in-class selling tool to showcase their spectacular event spaces, we knew they already had limited experience with immersive content through the virtual tour on their website. Continue Reading…

This Week’s New TrueTour Features!

Audio Hot Spots 

Your favorite digital salesperson delivered inside your sales and marketing materials.

We debuted our new assistive audio hot spot feature on January 1 and it has been a smashing success!

Rather than relying on antiquated, traditional sales and marketing materials for our customers, through the TrueTour app, you are able to create blended customer experiences specifically built for each individual target. Our technology makes this incredibly fast and easy as well as highly trackable.

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Beacon by Visiting Media

The Power of the Beacon: Marketing to Your Immediate Target Market

New TrueTour Transponder BeaconImagine holding a small beacon in your pocket, which you have programmed with a powerful strategic message perfect for the environment you find yourself in – perhaps a trade show floor or a festival event.

With a single click, anyone within a 400 meter range of you receives your message on their phone, offering them something they can’t resist. Your message delights the audience and they appreciate the instant gratification of your offer.

Perhaps you’ve already experienced “proximity marketing.” Most likely if you’re a Starbucks fan, you’ve received a free drink for more than one happy hour occasion. Or perhaps you’ve walked into a store and been pinged about the 10% offer made just for you.

Proximity marketing is incredibly effective, and we are very close to being able to offer this technology to our members! Continue Reading…

Visiting Media: Design Matters

Your Customer Journey, Part 5: Why Design Matters

We are now in the final segment of our 5 part series about developing the ultimate customer journey. We started the series by defining the term in part 1, then in part 2 we explored how virtual reality and 3D modeling can play an integral role in the customer journey. In part 3 and part 4 we walked through fun case studies for both the hospitality and private event facility sectors. Here we’ll discover how to make your TrueTour® customer journey different from your competitors.

Note that this post is designed as an advanced sequel to its predecessors in the series, so we would recommend reading through the previous posts before diving into this one. For part 5, we’ll share our insider fave forms of engaging marketing campaigns that can be used as a foundation to which you can add your own unique ideas. Tackle the ideas that are most relevant to your space, or venue, or try them all! Continue Reading…

Visiting Media Trade Show

Four Tips to Elevate Your Tradeshow Experience in 2018

If you participate in the trade show event cycle for your business – either as a booth or as a guest – you may be excited to know the industry is changing under your feet….. literally.

For many of us, the rush of the trade show circuit is one with which we have a love-hate relationship. It involves a great deal of travel, tremendous preparation and the work often begins after the networking has finished and potential negotiations can commence. It is also where the pulse of your industry connect, thrive, share and plan for the rest of the year.

I could write several volumes on the history of this particular model of marketing, but needless to say that technology’s influence – in particular, the introduction to (and warm reception of) virtual reality may have a very positive impact on our ability to engage, interact and introduce our businesses in an entirely new way. Continue Reading…

Visiting Media

How to Add Custom Colors!

As promised, this week we’ve unveiled CUSTOM COLORS!

Let’s pause to do a small but festive office dance party.

We have felt your pain – the angst of being confined by a single font and color palette for too long! No more, dear members. Now, with a few clicks you can have the Google font of your dreams, in the color of your brand. All is finally right with the world. We really do get it! Continue Reading…

Visiting Media

How to Use Your TrueTour Link Gallery [Video]

Create better customer journeys with your custom link gallery!

The new Link Gallery lets our members create even better customer journeys! Now create sub-menus for your customers which make their experience even more intuitive, seamless, and user-friendly. Watch the video below to see how easy and fun this is! Continue Reading…

Introducing the TrueTour™ & QuickQuote Integration: Close Your Leads Faster!

Being the first RFP system for the hospitality industry which provides instant quotes for event leads, QuickQuote now integrates with TrueTour™ to provide a seamless booking experience.

QuickQuote elevates the user experience in a day when event prospects need answers fast. Providing a competitive edge above other properties who require long hours of waiting for RFP results to return, QuickQuote provides faster booking speeds and quicker closing rates. By the time your competition has given a lead their quote, you’ll already have them signing on the dotted line.

We’re providing a QuickQuote link directly in the TrueTour APP, so customers can view instant price feedback as early as possible in the buying cycle. As your prospects view your enchanting spaces, imagining all of the possibilities of their event, a QuickQuote Call-to-Action can live on the screen and keep the viewer engaged with your sales funnel without ever needing to leave their TrueTour.

Integrate your QuickQuote link directly in your TrueTour menu or provide a Call-to-Action for a seamless user experience!

Madeline, founder of QuickQuote, says “the ability to provide an immediate quote to your event shoppers gives you a leg up when they’re searching for the perfect venue. You can pre-qualify your leads, gather contact information and incentivize your event prospects to book early. QuickQuote users see a significant decrease in booking speed and hear their prospects decided to book with them due to the fact that they got an instant quote and could make an instant decision instead of waiting.”

“Because every venue is unique, we work with each client to create wedding planning pages that reflect the character and personality of their property. Images, colors, and fonts create a seamless connection to your site.”

Just as TrueTour provides a bespoke user experience tailored to your company’s specific branding and helps companies decrease their booking times, the QuickQuote interface can be tailored for your branding and help you achieve your sales goals.

Stay tuned for even more integrations on the horizon as we provide our TrueTour customers with the latest methods to close prospects faster and drive incremental revenue!

Already a QuickQuote customer? Ask your Support Representative to integrate QuickQuote into your property’s TrueTour APP today.

Want to learn more about leveraging QuickQuote for your property or venue? Visit their website to learn more: http://www.weddingquickquote.com/