Marriott Selects TrueTour™ platform to deliver stunning immersive experiences of their Sheraton Waikiki and Other Hawaii Properties

Sheraton Waikiki Edge Bar
Sheraton Waikiki – Edge Bar

One of the latest additions to the Visiting Media family, Sheraton Waikiki, has just unveiled their stunning 360° imagery via their TrueTour tool. Coming soon to 6+ additional Marriott properties in Hawaii, stunning TrueTour visuals will take you on an epic journey across the Hawaiian islands, enjoying the beautiful vistas Marriott has to offer.

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Kimpton Hotels & Resorts chooses Visiting Media as Global Virtual Marketing Partner!

Kimpton Hotels & Resorts, a pioneer in the boutique hotel industry, has chosen Visiting Media, the global leader in immersive hospitality visual marketing (3D/360°/Virtual Reality), as its global partner. Visiting Media’s image standards and suite of state-of-the-art visual sales solutions are now Kimpton’s benchmark for excellence in selling and immersive marketing.

As the Kimpton brand continues to expand globally, leading the way in individually designed and positioned boutique hotels and restaurants, their goal is to provide truly unique properties with truly unique guest experiences to match. Visiting Media’s first-to-market TrueTour immersive sales platform empowers Kimpton properties with an unparalleled top-to-bottom 360, 3D and virtual reality presentation and delivery technology making it far easier to showcase these experiences and book business worldwide.

Leveraging TrueTour across the company’s portfolio of hotels, Kimpton is the industry leader in harnessing the power of virtual reality and immersive selling, touting its commitment to cutting-edge innovation. As Kimpton stays true to its core values of delivering unique experiences, they can now elevate the experiential nature of their properties to the next level. TrueTour provides Kimpton with a very powerful market advantage and differentiates Kimpton sales teams: now their sales materials are truly an experience and stoke the imagination of their digital audience in ways previously not possible.

“Visiting Media has been such a valuable tool for our teams that really enhances our experience for a wide range of guests and clients. On the sales side, we include the virtual tours in all of our outgoing proposals. Clients love the features and it is so helpful throughout the planning process. I know that our revenue and digital teams utilize these as well. The list of benefits goes on and on. Aside from the tools themselves, the Visiting Media team is incredibly helpful and very responsive. I communicate with my support director regularly. We really appreciate the partnership with Visiting Media.”

Angie Casper, Area Director of Catering + Conference Services

As Visiting Media serves Kimpton Hotels & Resorts, the partnership between Kimpton’s parent company, IHG, and Visiting Media has also expanded to feature other hotel groups within the company: Crowne Plaza, InterContinental and Regent Hotels & Resorts.